Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Confessions of a Soapaholic

Category: Facial Scrub
I'm addicted to: Microblast Facial Scrub(Bittersweet scent)Microdermabrasion with shea butter, alpha hydroxy acids, renew old skin cells by SkinJourney
Purpose: Gently exfoliates dead skin cells from facial tissue.

Benefits: Enhances the skin appearance and texture. I am used to washing my face with regular soap and sometimes investing on a facial foam/cream cleanser. I never stick to those because the feeling and result I get are the same as to when I use a regular bar of soap. Feels clean but super tight, like the feeling of dry egg yolk smeared on your face. Allow me to's tradition in Brazil amongst kids to throw raw eggs and flour on the birthday person. Hence my familiarity with egg yolks. With Skin Journey's microblast facial scrub I can feel my skin moisturizing immediately as I gently scrub my face. There are tiny micro exfoliating agents that scrub away all the dead skin cells and as a result, my skin feels smooth as baby. The dry skin feeling that always happens right after I rinse the soap off my face is no where to be found. Instead, my skin feels extremely soft protected with a coat of moisture. The skin glow result is quite extraordinary. I noticed it with just one use!


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Danielle said...

OH, I love this column RJ! Glad I found it :)