Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shop + Tell: Mallory

Mallory McInnis of Where the Lovely Things Are
How often do you indie-shop?
I indie-shop as often as I possibly can! In my present economic circumstances that isn't nearly enough (sadly).
Scores... a pillow from Vintage Jane on Etsy - it's a handmade pillow with a silkscreened front & a back made from vintage bedding.
How does it make you feel?

Merry, comfy, & very very pleased.
What made you buy it?
If I bought everything I adored off Etsy I'd be even more broke than I am right now, but every so often I just can't resist & this was a birthday treat for myself. I've fancied this pillow for ages & I'm so glad to finally have it! My sister thinks it looks like me & I suppose it sort of does..... although, when I was little my hair was actually oddly curly and I don't think I look quite as lovely in a headband as this petite pillow girl.

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Chroma Lab said...

Very cute, Mallory!