Monday, January 5, 2009

A new year...

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday, I sure did! Lots of eating, spending time with friends and family both old and new, oh and did I mention lots of eating??

So I wanted to start the new year by sharing a little bit of my holiday with you - some of the meals I cooked up + all of the spectacular handmade gifts I received and gave. I also wanted to share my resolutions as well as a couple of new and exciting projects that I'll be launching this week (just to prove that I haven't been sitting on the couch 24/7, eating my brains out for the past 14 days!!!)

1. My dear friend Melissa gave me these gorgeous Clementine Champagne at Midnight Earrings for Christmas. I freakin' love them to pieces. I've been wearing them everyday since!

2. The cutest bunnies EVER... handmade by Ingie. OH my goodness, how cute is "nobody puts baby in the corner"?

3. I finally got the chance to meet and hang out with one of my all-time favorite bloggers Ez of Creature Comforts, in the flesh!! And yes, she is as cool and sweet as she appears on her blog. How cute is this wooden apple? Hand-decorated by the uber talented Ez! The east coast misses you Ez! Come back!

4. Golden Icicles by yumiyumi. Just beautiful.

5. Titmouse...Etching by Michele Maule (I can never get enough of her stuff!)

6. E's Window by another all-time fave Heather Smith Jones

What's a new year without any hard to keep promises right???

I'm going to start focusing more on making this year. As much as I love writing about all of the great things you guys make, I really need to find some crafting time for myself.

7. One of my goals include sewing a couple of dresses for Spring (notice that I'm giving myself plenty of time for this one) - so I just had to have this Japanese pattern book Stylish Dress Book, purchased over at Pomadour24.

8. I'm also officially addicted to soaping. I made soap for everyone on my list this year and I'm slowly making my way through the different soap making methods. Up next, rebatching. So I found myself some Cold Process Base for Rebatching at Pudleduk Soap Co.

9. I love to cook and host, so I thought ¿Por qué no? I've officially gone off the deep end and have started a 3rd blog - Heart Homecooked. Yep, you've guessed it - all about home cooking! This week I'll be sharing a few of my favorite recipes from the holidays.

10. I surprised Hillsy (my other half) with an iPhone this year and although it's far from handmade - I felted a handmade version. Unfortunately Apple doesn't allow you to walk out with the phone unless it's connected, so I went home empty handed with a boring gift card. I figured it would be a little more fun to have something he could open and play with right away, so I felted one. Which leads me to the last development - a fourth blog!!! Well, it's sort of three and a half, since Hillsy will be the one leading this one. I have soooooo many girlfriends and family members that are tech-challenged so we thought... ¿Por qué no? Heart Hi-Tech, a tech and gadget blog that's not overwhelming, one that teaches you the basics and explains all that gibberish nonsense that your brother-in-law was talking about last week!! (ps. that's Hillsy on the video!)

So there you have it - a new network of blogs. Heart Handmade, Heart Homecooked and Heart Hi-Tech. I hope you enjoy them all!! Happy New Year!!!


Melissa de la Fuente said... adorable are you? I mean, I know first hand what a cutie pie you are, with the easy smile and the infectious laugh but, this sweet post and your blogs? dresses? You know I am going to need a dress from you right? :) I can vouch for how awesome your soap making skills are(delicious) and I know it will make Cassie SO happy that you loved the earrings so much! I can't wait to check out the new blogs and happy new year my friend!

Maria said...

The gifts you received are all gorgeous =)
I hope you'll realize all your New Year's resolutions!
I love your blog =)

Patsy said...

Wow,I just found this blog and cannot wait to visit this one and all your new ones in 2009. Great work!!

Clementine said...

YAAYYYYY! I was so so tickled when Melis said she gave the earrings to you--that totally made my day :)

I'm bowled over by that handpainted wooden apple Ez made--gorgeous! And congrats on the new directions and new blogs--2009 is going to be a great year for you, Marichelle! :)

blue moss said...

i have been wanting that dress book....would love to hear how your dress(es) turn out!

Marichelle said...

bluemoss: I was browsing through it last night and I thought to myself... "you can hardly read an English pattern... what the hell were you thinking????" - hmmmm. I'll let you know how it goes. Maybe Spring is being too hopeful :)

Cassie: I LOVE THEM. I almost bought them too! And thank you so much for leaving a comment for Hillsy (you made his day!)

Patsy: Welcome!! I'm so happy you're enjoying the site!

Mary: Thanks so much. (yikes me too!!)

Melis: You're too too kind to me :)
Here's to another year, can they get any better? ... ummm ya, there's always room for better :)

blue moss said...

that makes me far i have only bought japanese books and looked at the pretty pictures...not brave enough to try a pattern yet...i will be totally impressed if you make a dress :)

modish said...

oh my goodness, Marichelle! You're a mad-blogging genius, lady! Have fun with the new ventures, and don't let yourself get burnt out!
<3 jena

Linda Johnson Studio said...

You are a source of constant inspiration!!! Dresses!! I must get that book too!
You rock!