Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Heart Lab: Amocro

Don't you just love this? Amelia of Amocro makes the neatest Pop Art Cut Paper Portraits... this one is my personal fave! She also just recently quit her job as a Montessori Preschool Art teacher to become a full-time artist! So please join me in wishing her all the best!!

Creating Photo Booth Smoker

Step 1. Finding the Source
I'm always on the lookout for quirky photo portraits. I love an image the captures a unique personality. With a strong source image it is easy to create art with a sparkle of a soul.
As long as I allow myself to browse and gawk.

Step 2. Reformat
Usually I need to resize the source image for my piece. I scan or import the image into photoshop, resize it, and make sure it is in the gray scale. Once it is to my liking I print!
15 minutes

Step 3. Draw Layer Guidelines
I draw over the printed image to create the guidelines for each layer. I concentrate on where the light falls on the face and where shadows are cast. Most pieces end up with 3-5 layers of highlights and shadows. 30 minutes

Step 4. Trace
I create two copies of the layer guidelines on tracing paper. One copy is used to transfer the layer guidelines onto the colored paper. The other is used to keep each piece aligned on the canvas. 15 minutes

Step 5. Color!
I love colors! I could spend my entire life choosing color combinations and schemes. I choose a color for the background and a color for each layer of light/shadow.
It depends on if I have all day or not.

Step 6. Cut and Paste
I use one of the tracing paper copies to transfer each layer and shape onto the colored paper. After I carefully transfer the shape, I use a craft knife to cut it out. Each piece is then glued in place, using the other piece of tracing paper as the guideline. I start with the lightest shade and layer to the darkest. I have to make sure that my workspace and hands are both extremely clean. Pencil lead + Glue + Pretty Paper = Huge Mess. Varies on the complexity of the piece. I'll say many hours regardless.

Step 7. Finishing Touches
Sometimes the piece will just need a little something. I like to hang it up and step back. I ask myself, "Is it done?" Often I'll leave the room, find something to occupy my mind, then return and ask again. A few minutes.

Step 8. YAY!
I love to share my work with my friends and family. First I run around my house to find the nearest pair of eyes. After I hear what my friends have to say it's off to the vast www. I scan the piece onto my computer and send it off to etsy, indiepublic and my photo page. At this point I am completely satisfied; I have created my art and sent it off into the world. An hour or so.

Thanks Amelia!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

This is SO cool! Amelia, all the very best and congratulations on pursuing your art full time!

meiling said...

I love Amelia's work so much I had to feature it sometime back. Great to finally know how she does it - it's a lot of skill and work involved. All the best!