Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Making It!: Week 1 - Tina

Week 1: Meet the Designers - Tina

"Tina Amato is a dweeb. And not just a tiny bit. She's a BIG dweeb. Her tragic case of bibliophilia led her to become a high school English teacher, while her love of crafting—grandma-like in nature, cultivated by her mother along with many an art teacher—has taken over her wallet, personal time, and living space.

Feeling like the rope in an intramural tug-o-war contest, she decided ultimately to turn her love of pretty paper and silliness into a (fingers-crossed) lucrative venture, Green Porch-Lights Prints (and other neat things)."

*Just for the record - Tina, I don't think you're a "dweeb" :)


Amy (the b-line) said...

Ooh! This is fun. The suspense is something else. I'm excited to see who will take the next two seats!