Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bulletin Board

Hi gang, I'm so excited to share my Top 20 DaWanda picks!! I was so excited when they asked me to participate... I remember reading the email, immediately jumping up and running to wake up my boyfriend screaming "Oh my god, I'm gonna get to create a curated collection pinboard at DaWanda!!!" He had no clue what the words curated collection+ pinboard + DaWanda meant but he still jumped up and said "Congratulation Baby!... Now what exactly does that mean??"

Win a prize:
Don't forget to vote by leaving a comment on http://en.dawanda.com/list/HeartHandmade/88786-Dawanda-Picks. All you have to do is say which of the items featured on my pinboard is also your favorite and you'll automatically be entered to win a special prize from DaWanda + the artist with the most votes wins too!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh! That is so great hun! Sweet Jonathan for jumping up and down too! :) I am on my way over right now!

Mariana said...

Hi! Just found your blog via the DaWanda front page... Im staying a while to read around!


Julie said...

Oh, congrats! I'll definitely have to go check out your pics :) Hope you're doing well, Marichelle!

YooLa said...

congrats !
i just learned about it from Elizabeth yesterday,
thank you so much for picking my pomegranates , they are doing the happy dance :)

tangente said...

Earlier this month, I saw your great picks on Dawanda but only recently started reading your blog. I hadn't put 2 and 2 together until I read your older posts. Congrats!