Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Heart Lab: Neawear

I'm so happy to be seeing more and more of Janick and her beautiful line Neawear. I just read a wonderful interview on Etsy (via Modish) "Quit Your Day Job". A definite must-read!

Here she shares a behind the scenes look at the making of the Bunny Wall Wear...

1- Supplies Shoppin’
You must love supply shopping as much as making if you’re a creative person! I can spend hours browsing the Web for all sorts of supplies. In this case, finding the vintage metal hoops is the hardest (you have to be a little lucky, and patient, too!), since these are becoming more and more rare as time goes by. I spend at the very least 1 hour a week on searching.

2- Researchin’
I write down all my design ideas down in a notebook as soon as they pop in my head! Animals, objects, shapes, color combos... Once I choose which I want to make into a pattern, I search the Web for images and info on it, which gets me informed as well as inspired. - 30 Minutes

3- Pattern Designin’
The designing part is where everything takes place in my head! I design my patterns with grid paper and a pencil -- they are not computer generated. It is all part of my fun! I sit down in front of my researched image and then draw, erase, redo, adjust, until I am completely satisfied with the final image. Sometimes I make a few sizes too. If there are lots of stitches straight in a row, I count and mark them down on the pattern, so that it’s easier to use later. - Between 1 and 3 hours

4- Gettin’ ready
I then whip out my linen fabrics, floss threads and hoops and decide on the colors and sizes! Once chosen, I cut the appropriate size of fabric, insert it into the hoop and prepare my floss on the needle. I make sure lighting in the room is very bright. - 15 Minutes

5- Stitchin’
Now is when I need to have all that passion... and patience! Since I stitch on linen (and not Aida cloth), and the fact that I am a precision freak (lol!), I use a small table light to brighten under my piece, so that I can see the holes between the threads in the fabric. I litterally count holes in order that everything is straight and perfect. Using my pattern, I go horizontal on a row once, then I come back again to make sure the stitches are all facing the same way. I usually have the TV open or a CD playing — weirdly enough, it seems to keep me focussed. - Between 30 mins and 5 hours, depending on the design. This bunny takes almost 4 hours.

6- Finishin’ Touches
Once my stitching is done, I cut my fabric along the hoop, leaving about 1cm of fabric. I will then tighten everything one last time and glue the fabric onto the inside ring of the hoop for stability. - 5 Minutes

7- Photographin’
Taking pictures proves to be challenging sometimes! I usually wait for a sunny morning so that I have all the light I need in order to not use a flash (I hate the flash! I never use it, in fact!). I take shots in plenty of angles, the more the better. Pictures are crutial for any item sold on the Web! - 15 minutes

8- Editin’, Listin’ and Spreadin’
I always adjust my chosen pictures in Photoshop before showing them. Sometimes it’s contrasting the hole picture, and sometimes it’s making the whites more white, just like the actual piece. Then, it’s time for writing my listing, setting the price and making it available for sale! Once that’s done, I usually upload one or two pictures of the piece to my Flickr Photostream ( right after as well -- unless a blog has asked me for exclusivity for my next few new Wall Wear items, then I like keeping them a total surprise! - Around 20 Minutes

9- Packagin’
YAY! The ultimate validation! I sold it! :) I make sure to package everything safe in a bubble envelope with a business card and a thank you note. I sometimes drop in another card from a crafter friend too, but no more than one! Here in Canada, we have to fill in custom forms for International sales, and since most my buyers are from the US, this is done on almost all packages. - 10 Minutes

10- PO Walkin’
I am so lucky to live pretty near from the Post Office! On very busy days, I sometimes drop packages in the mailbox at the corner of the street, but I usually walk the trip to the PO –- for a speedier delivery, as well as get my body moving a little while I’m at it! - 20 Minutes

Thank you Janick!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

*sigh* I just love and adore Janick's work and am itching to have some neawear for my walls....soon. Thank you for this awesome Heart Lab:, 4 Hours for that beautiful little

Janick - Nea said...

Thank you so much for interviewing me! It was so much fun!! :)

katsai said...

love love love Neawear :)
Janick, your new Wallwear is just gorgeous! Such patience and perfectionism just shines through looking at the pics.
And what an incite... Another super feature, Marichelle!! Great stuff!