Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heart Lab: treetop studio

Jennie of treetop studio makes the sweetest prints all manually screenprinted on a Gocco. She was kind enough to invite us for a closer look...

1. Get supplies
I am absolutely in love with my Gocco press but it does go through supplies very quickly. Lucky for me one of the few Gocco suppliers in the world lives right here in Portland so i can just pop over to her house and grab what I need! She's a great lady who gives out sound advice along with my order, so I often spend an hour chatting about my life with her. What a deal! 1 and 1/2 hours.

2. Cut paper
I buy large sheets of lovely printmaking paper that I cut down into 8 x 10' sheets. This process sounds boring but I adore paper and it's tactile quality. I find the 2 hours or so I spend cutting wonderfully meditative.

3. Design
This is most time-consuming part, but also the most fun. I draw my images in Illustrator and 3 or 4 hours can go by in the blink of an eye when I'm deliberating over the perfect place for a leaf. I love the moment when the design finally looks balanced and all the elements snap into place.

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4. Mix ink

Gocco ink has a great texture to it and I love mixing it up to get just the right shade, even though it can take over an hour. I put it into a baggie and squeeze it onto the master screen like I am frosting a cake. I also spend some time removing my cat from the ink palette...he also thinks it is cake frosting and often tries to sneak a taste.

5. Print
I load up the Gocco with all the necessary props and get to work printing. It works much like traditional screen printing. I press the first color, then let dry. Then press the second color, and so on. I usually print over 100 pieces so each layer takes awhile, about 90 minutes, but it's so rewarding to see the finished product!

6. Go to day job
At this point all the prints are laying out on my studio floor drying and I must go to that pesky little thing called a "day job" for 8 hours. Definitely my least favorite part.

7. Package 3 hours
I spend a few hours signing and numbering all of the prints and slipping them into poly sleeves. Then I photograph the new print and put it up on Etsy, pour myself a glass of wine and relax!

Thanks Jennie!!


Brooke said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I love the story of why you started it. I will definitely be visiting a lot!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, these are so pretty! What a great hearlab!

Unknown said...

i love this! hearing about other people's processes is so great. i'm totally loving your blog lately!!!

Marichelle said...

hi Brooke, welcome!! I'm glad you found it too :))

thanks Melissa!

hey Jess, yay!! I'm so happy you've been enjoying the posts lately!