Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shop + Tell: Perfect Bound

So exciting to have both Julie and Kathryn here today (yay!) - I'm such a huge fan. I consider their blog - Perfect Bound the Audrey Hepburn of blogs!!

Who: Julie of Perfect Bound!!
How often do you indie-shop?
I try to buy indie/handmade as often as possible. It's not very hard to do since I seem to be drawn to the charm of handmade items!
Scores...a red and white recycled poppy pin from foundling.
How does it make you feel?
Special, charming, happy, inspired, lovely
What made you buy it?
So often I'll have on outfit an and feel like I'm missing that something that sets it apart and gives it a little personality. When I found these, I knew they were just what I was looking for! They're great because I can also attach them to tote or hair tie. Betsy's since added to the selection of colours and sizes... I think I'll be adding to my collection!

Who: Kathryn of Perfect Bound!!
How often do you indie-shop?
I would say it's becoming more frequent, as I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating something. And I think supporting the indie/handmade market is so important.
Scores...a canvas tote from the lovely Lisa of Good on Paper
How does it make you feel?
eco friendly, creative, jovial, playful, cute
What made you buy it?
I was looking for a fun tote bag that wasn't too heavy so it would easily fold up and fit in my purse. This way I can put any purchases I make in the tote bag instead of using a plastic shopping bag from the store. This one was perfect, and super cute too!

Thanks Julie & Kathryn!!

Are you an avid handmade shopper and recently bought something that you're absolutely in love with? Share it and help spread the love for handmade on Shop+Tell! Email me at hearthandmade[at]gmail[dot]com w/ subject Shop+Tell.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Yippee! I adore the lovely ladies over at Perfectbound and love seeing their perfect selections! Thank you Kathryn & Julie and of course,Marichelle!

Karen said...

I love those little poppy pins from foundling--adorable!

And now, I have yet another blog to add to my ever-growing blogroll...Perfect Bound looks lovely!

Susy said...

oh my gosh. it's so great to finally see these lovely ladies in person. they're great, their blog is great, and their style...magnifique!


Andrea Eames said...

So pretty! And thanks for introducing me to a great new blog, too :)

heather smith jones said...

Oh hooray! I completely agree that Julie & Kathryn are the Audrey Hepburn of blogs, that's a great way to describe their sweetness and beautiful taste.
I'm of course thrilled to see them featured here! Kudos to you Marichelle!

Marichelle said...

Melissa: aren't they just the best??? and they're super sweet too!!!

Karen: Perfect Bound is definite one of my must reads. I often edit my blog list (hesitantly) and they ALWAYS make the cut!

Susy: agree agree agree!

Amanda: you're very very welcome!!

HSJ: Thanks Heather!!

Anonymous said...

That canvas bag is perfect!!

Marichelle said...

hi Monica!