Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Heart Lab: Jennifer Khoshbin

My jaw literally dropped when I saw Jennifer Khoshbin's book sculpture series The Book Project: diggin’ for the truth - and when I finally manged to pick it up - the words HOLY SH!T soon followed! I couldn't believe it... did she actually cut each page one by one with the precision of a heart surgeon??

If you're lucky enough to be in the San Antonio area (lucky dogs!) then make sure you head out to see:

>> Off with Their Heads
New works by Jen Khoshbin
One9Zero6 Gallery, San Antonio, Texas
Saturday June 14th.

1. Concept:
After reading whatever I can on the subject that I’m working on, and collaborating with my husband who is a philosophy prof, I look over my own sketches as well as other artists’ works that inspire me before deciding what I want to take to the public. Concepts and images are continually floating in and out of both my studio space and my head space.

This takes a lifetime, but for each book I probably spend 4-5 hours deciding on which image to use next.

2. Finding "The One": In Ballast/Levity, which came out of The Book Project I, I chose a book that makes most sense to what I am seeking to resolve. 1 hour

3. Sketching: I sketch out an image on the inside cover. 3 hours

4. Cutting: Using a cutting tool, I cut the pages one by one. 2 hours

5. Assemble, glue and attach: I assembled the cut pieces, individually glued them back together, and attached them to the opposing inside cover, so book would close. 1 hour

6. Drying, Self-convincing & Framing: As the piece dried I had time to convince myself it was finished, which is difficult if not impossible. Then I framed the piece. 1 hour

7. Photoshoot: Next I took photos of the work. 1/2 hour

8. Website: Posted it on website. 1 hour

9. Reflection: I typically work in series. Each series reflects a passion or perhaps a problem to be solved. I think we are all working in genres that help us understand who we are and who we aren’t. So now I sit back with all my favorite foods in hand, look at my work and reflect on what I’ve done. Another lifetime.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

wow...I! Absolutely beautiful and I so wish I could see Jennifer's show! I adore the book shown and am off to check out the rest. What a wonderful Heart Lab: Thank you Jennifer and Marichelle!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

sorry...I had to come back and say one more thing after visiting Jennifer's site. I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat from the breathtaking beauty. When things go awry in this lovely world of ours it is comforting and awe-inspiring to know that someone like Jennifer is out there pouring her heart and soul into such moving art. Thank you.

Coffee and Vanilla said...

I'm speechless.... beautiful!