Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shop + Tell: Ez of Creature Comforts

Who: The wonderfully talented - don’t know where she gets all her energy from - Ez of Creature Comforts, Muse and Wren & Chickadee!
How often do you indie-shop?
I purchase indie / handmade goods as frequently as I can - both online and within my day to day life. Indie's where it's at!
Scores...an Abigail Brown Matchbox tweeter- PANTO
How does it make you feel?
Cheerful, Creative, Inspired, Bright, Twitterpated
What made you buy it?
I've admired Abigail's whimsical creations for some time now, but I knew I had to have my own little Matchbox Tweeter when I saw one that my friend Melissa had. Too cute to pass up! Each one of Abigail's creations are one of a kind, and I chose this specific bird because of it's bright yellow fabric and aqua accents... my favorite colors!

Thanks Ez!!

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Melissa de la Fuente said...

Love it! And I love Ez's gorgeous photo to go with it! It is beautiful Ez! I love the subtle echo of your little tweeter's colors on your lids...perfect! :)

Blogging Masterclass said...

Love it, this is gorgeous Ez!