Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Perfect Gift...

With all of the products I sift through on a daily basis, you'd think that I'd have gift-giving down to an art form. Well sadly that just isn't so. It's probably because I don't physically "store" away gift ideas and I'm the type of person that if it isn't written down somewhere it ain't happening. So, I'm gonna start posting perfect gift finds here and hopefully when it's time to give someone a present - all I have to do is check back here, find some inspiration and voilĂ !

Let's kick it off with this perfect pick your own gift set created by the ever-so talented Susy of SusyJack*. Now who wouldn't want to receive one of these? Perfect gift for a host{ess} or a recent graduate. The packaging is sleek and stylish (no need to worry about gift-wrapping) + totally customizable - you get to choose the patterns for 1 Ringlet Jotter, 1 Demi Notebook and 1 Set of 5 Studio Clips! All for $20!! Right?!? AND everything is 100% Post Consumer Recycled! Gift giving couldn't be any easier. Thanks Susy!!