Friday, June 19, 2009

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>> News & Events

Bags for the People will be sewing bags at the Greenhorns Goat Spit, Sandwich, Salad, & Beer Summertime Throwdown. Saturday, June 20th, 2-9pm.

Second Storie Indie Market is excited to announce the call for entries for their 2009 event! This year Second Storie will host its event at Visual Studies Workshop on Saturday November 28 & Sunday November 29.

>> Discounts & Promos

Gettin' hitched sale at Gajillionaire: I'm in the process of getting married so I thought I'd have a big sale to help raise money. All original, handpainted/silkscreened works are now only $40! All photographs are now only $12!

>> Giveaways

In honor of my 27th Birthday I am having the Big Birthday Giveaway on my blog! Enter by June 23rd! Several great things to win!

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