Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Heart Lab: Knack Studios

Yay!!! SO psyched to have Barb of Knack Studios on Heart Lab. You don't understand how much I stalk her blog - I just adore her style and want every single piece of furniture she lays her hands on, the lady's got skillz. I've tried to convince her to move to the east cost and open up shop in my town, but unfortunately I don't think she'll be moving anytime soon... well, thank goodness for her blog.

Barb, thanks for sharing a behind the scenes look at your process.
The making of Chester's new digs....

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Step 1: The hunt..... scouring and digging for Chester and pieces like him - days sometimes

Step 2: Decide on a paint palette and design including knobs and paper - oh man..... this is the most important part and takes countless hours of planning and dreaming up patterns and color combinations!

Step 3: Remove all old hardware and wood fill holes- 2 hrs because of drying time

Step 4: Sand and vacuum and wipe down piece- 45 min

Step 5: Apply first coat of paint - 1 hr

Step 6: Apply second coat of paint - usually a little quicker :)

Step 7: Sand off areas and distress finish- 30 min

Step 8: Vacuum and get all sanding dust off- 10 - 15 min

Step 9: Apply finish- 1 hour and 30 min

Step 10: Measure and drill new holes for knobs and line drawers with paper- 1 hour

Visit: knackstudios.com, knackstudios.blogspot.com

Thanks again Barb!!


Mia said...

What kind of paint do you use? Obviously not latex -furniture refinishing fail!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Gorgeous! Wow....I would love one of her pieces too.
Love that grey! :)

knack said...

Thank you, thank you Marichelle for including knack here in your fantastic world!

This paint is not latex, but a custom powder paint that I mix
with water. It does give a totally different and recognizable look!

Take care xoxo

Julia said...

What a delight! I love her work, it's so chic and inspiring!


blue moss said...

super fun post.....love chester

f2images said...

I think stalking is acceptable as long as it's in the spirit of adoration, and not creepines....lol ;)

I LOVE Barb's stuff. Someday I will own a "Knack" original!!! I too wish she would open up a shop in my town! The snow in WI really isn't that bad, and did I mention we have lots of beer and brats?!!

Emiko ;)