Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Heart Lab: MEENIAK

I'm completely head over heels in love with Mister Poirot. Hillsy, I think you should be worried.

Inge, the creative brainchild behind MEENIAK has graciously agreed to share the making of the lovable and hugable Mister Poirot... and how adorable is his mrs?

Step 1. Inspiration
Looking for inspiration in magazines, flea markets or sometimes just a word or an idea that comes at night..(days,nights,weeks eheh)

Step 2. Drawing
Drawing the bunny and trying out different outcomes of one idea (a few hours)

Step 3. Pattern
Making little patterns on paper (15min.)

Step 4. Cutting
Cutting out the fabric by placing the patterns on the fabric. Cutting each piece two times. (20min)

Step 5. Sewing everything together
First the head, then the little body then the arms and legs (1hour)

Step 6. Filling
Turning them inside out and filling them with polyfil and sewing them together by hand (15min)

Step 7. Putting it all together
Attach the head to the body and then the arms and legs (10min)

Step 8: Accessories
Make a cute dress, diaper, horns, all the accessories needed ;) (1hour)

Step 9: The Face
Handsew his face/makeup on. First the eyes then the nose and sometimes cheeks (30min)

Step 10: Photos + Upload
Take pictures and make up a wonderful shortstory for etsy (30min)

Thanks Inge!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

ohgoodgod.....I am right behind you! How incredibly adorable are they? Wow.

Clementine said...

Oh my god, Inge's little critters are shockingly cute!!