Friday, October 24, 2008

Making It!: Welcome Susan

This week on Making It!, I've got some bad news and good news...

I'm sad to say that due to her increasingly hectic schedule Dana will no longer be contributing to Making It! I wish her all the best and I urge everyone to keep in touch with Dana by continuing to read her blog over at

Where there is bad news... there's always good news!!!

Susan of parkersewn has kindly stepped in to complete the Making It! roster. I've been a fan of Susan's adorable pillows and wall art for some time now and I was thrilled when she said yes!

So without further a do, I'd like to introduce Susan...

"I would love to tell a story that moves you to tears of how my etsy
shop came to be but honestly I just love pillows & all things pretty.
I'm a true capricorn. I've worked in retail forever first running a
vintage clothing store that I loved immensely back in upstate new
york. To then when I moved to Las Vegas doing visuals & merchandising.
One day it just came to me, a cruel reality that it needed to stop.
The early morning hours & insane pace was taking a toal. I have a
friend more a mentor who put me in the mind set that if I keep going
on working this way with all my frustrations that in 5 years i'll
still be in this trap & that's when it hit. The thought in 5 years to
still be in retail & not working this hard for myself but for others
is wrong. So I literally one day walked into work & quit on the spot.

I took a few months off to position myself & have slowly been growing
my etsy business. I don't have huge, greedy goals but what I like to
consider to be comfortable goals. Just enough to pay the bills, shop
at anthropologie from time to time & set some aside for old age. I'm
not shooting to be a omnimedia but that would be a nice surprise. One
day soon I hope to move back home to Buffalo & have a home with hard
wood floors & beautiful trees outside that turn with the seasons."


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Welcome Susan! Your pillows and wall art are so lovely and I am so happy to see you here! All the best to Dana as well.