Monday, September 15, 2008

Michele Maule

Artist of the Month >> Michele Maule, Detroit MI

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My Space >>

1.Echiancea Flowers from the front yard. 2. My handmade journals. I love drawing in journals I made myself :) 3. A lovely little piece of art from a friend, and former classmate, Portland artist Skylar Gilkerson. 4. Another favorite artist, and friend, Megan Chapman. 5. A little bird print I was working on. 6. One of my favorite reference books! 7. My daily planner, and organizer. I would be a mess without this little guy. 8. Some seed pods from the back yard.

Random Facts about Michele >>
1. I can't really cook. Well, I guess it's more of I don't like to cook issue. My boyfriend does all the cooking. Although, I really love making dishes that require a lot of chopping and throwing into a bowl, or pot. Beef stew, potato leek soup, and salsa are my specialties.
2. I have a Boston Terrier that is almost a year old. Her name is Chloe, and she is the goofiest little dog I have ever known. She makes me laugh on a daily basis.
3. I am a total neat freak. I clean my house once a week, top to bottom. If things aren't orderly and tidy, I can't function. I don't think it's quite an obsession. At least not yet...
4. I can touch my tongue to my nose! It's very long. Gene Simmons long.'s true.
5. I am horrible in social situations. I almost totally shut down. It's really hard for me actually. If I am surrounded with people that I know really well, then I am a little social butterfly, but otherwise I have a really hard time, and generally feel very out of place and very awkward. I think gallery openings and parties are when I have the hardest time.
6. Although social situations are really hard for me, I actually love going out dancing! I love to go out dancing with my friends. Good music and good doesn't get much better than that.

What inspires me... >>

>> There are so many websites that I find inspirational!
Some of my favorite websites are blogs. I love learning about people, especially other artists. One of my very favorite blogs is Megan Chapman's blog. She is a working artist out of Arkansas, and she writes a weekly blog about tips, ideas, inspiration, and her own work. Very inspiring and so helpful. I also really enjoy Decor8. Full of truly inspirational artists as well as decorating ideas. 3191 is another favorite. Beautiful photography blog... Last one: Michelle Moode. I love her work, and I love her blog.

>> Music is also a HUGE part of my work. I listen to music ALL day.
I don't have a radio, or a television, so I am continuously listening to music. I have a lot of play lists, and many people have shared their play lists with me, which I really enjoy. I always find new music this way, and I love it when I discover that other people enjoy the same music I do.

Fill-in >>
Visit Michele's blog at, site and shop!

Thanks Michele!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

(Squeal of delight!) I looooove this new feature Marichelle! It is quite simply......awesome. Michele sounds like an absolute doll, and of course I love Chloe! :) Can't wait to check out her site, her work is so inspiring. Thank you for a great feature both of you!

Clear Pink said...

I LOVE Michele's work. I just wrote about one of her pieces on my blog a few days ago.

nesting.emily said...
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nesting.emily said...

I have been a fan of Michele for a while- I have coveted many a piece. It's such a treat to know more about her including the fact that she has AMAZING taste in music!!!
Thanks : )