Monday, September 22, 2008

Making It!

This week, I'm so pleased to unveil the latest new feature to hit Heart Handmade. MAKING IT! follows the progress of four talented designers as they deal with the ups and downs of the handmade world. From new product ideas to booking a first wholesale account, we'll be offering a fascinating glimpse into each of their worlds. The series will last for 12 weeks and then we'll have the opportunity to follow a whole new set of designers.

Week 1:
Meet the Designers - Dana

Starting today, you'll meet the first of the four designers - Amsterdam based designer Dana Komjaty, founder of Leililaloo.

I am a mother, wife and creator of 37-years-old who developed a passion for making things as a child - and haven't looked back since. My creations are as broad as they are deep, ranging from paintings all the way through to home decorations and dish cloths. Based in Amsterdam, I share a small apartment with my husband and 2-year-old son and my living space is filled with all the things I'd like to use in my craft projects! I'm an avid hoarder and find it tough to throw anything away because I'm always thinking about how everyday items could be incorporated into my work.

In my twenties I had a creative education, I went to the royal academy for arts, in the Netherlands. There I got my degree in pattern design and illustration. After that I started to work as a freelance pattern designer. With the birth of my son 2 years ago, my time to do creative stuff got very limited, so I stopped working as a freelance designer. But water just has to flow where it's supposed to, and so recently I started my own business and opened a shop on Etsy What i like about this way of working is that it gives me absolute creative control over what I make. As my shop on Etsy reflects who I am and how I work, it holds a great variety of products, I sometimes worry it's getting a bit to chaotic. So I desperately hope people feel the joy in those products which I felt when I made them instead of getting crazy of the diversity they see.

Check back tomorrow to meet another Making It! designer....


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Dana's work is absolutely beautiful and I am a fan...This is an amazing new feature Marichelle, I swear! You come up with THE best ideas! I am really looking forward to this series, thank you!

Janick - Nea said...

What a great idea this series is! Looking forward to reading more! :)

heather smith jones said...

I too am a fan of Dana and the creative things she makes. This will be fun and so interesting to follow her and the other designers/artists in this series. It's awesome Marichelle! Thank you!

Amy said...

Oh this is so fabulous Marichelle! I'm a big fan of Dana too, and this will be so much fun!

Big hugs!

tangled sky studio said...

This idea is all kinds of awesome...I hope I get to see Dana get her first whole sale account!!!