Monday, September 1, 2008

Allira Tee

Allira Tee, Australia
Website & Shop:

1. How would you describe your style?
Quirkiness personified

2. One of the hardest things for artists to do is to stand apart from everyone else. How long did it take you to come up with your own style and signature look? What advice can you give aspiring artists struggling to find their own voice and look?

My initial intention was to design things so I had some sort of creative outlet in my life, besides my day job as a graphic designer. The designs I create are really based on my quirky personality and things that I generally like. My advice to others trying to find their own style would be to create what you like, what you would buy and create things that make you happy.

3. I know that you have a degree in communications design, how did you get into designing accessories and how long have you been doing it for?

I started designing random things whilst I was working as a full time graphic designer after university and decided that the best way to get my designs out in the world was through designing accessories based on my random doodles. My website started up in September of 2006, so I’m nearly reaching my 2 year birthday!

4. You, like most people enjoy the process of making and crafting and didn't get into it for the sake of "business". But eventually you found yourself having to make the transition from crafter to a businessman. What have you learned so far and what advice can you give others in the same situation?

When I realized people were interested in my designs and starting receiving such encouraging responses to them I decided to give it a go as an actual business. My advice to other people who are making the transition into designing/crafting as a business would probably be that it can begin with trial and error and it can be a slow process but so long as you enjoy what you are doing… everything else will eventually follow. It is also a plus if you can enjoy the accounting and PR side to the business.

5. How do you find the energy to make such beautiful things while holding a full time day job?

I love the feedback I get from customers and retailers and I’m grateful to be able to do something I really enjoy (and others enjoy) at the end of the day.

6. If you could put your products on the shelves of any 3 stores, which ones would you choose?

- Urban Outfitters
- If I ever owned my own store, I’d want my products in there
- A store in a country that I don’t already stock my products in

7. Who is your idol/current craft-crush? – I received the medieval wood panels in the mail a couple of weeks ago as a present and I absolutely love them!

8. Can you share with us a couple of blogs that you've recently discovered and love?

Well, besides the Heart Handmade blog I’d have to say:


9. What's next for Allira Tee

At the moment I’m working on new designs to bring out next year, hopefully some more bag designs too!

Thanks Allira!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

I ADORE Allira's designs and am so happy to see her interview here! Awesome!

Yumstie said...

Awesome. Love your work. The roar badge is my favourite...I may treat myself!

Unknown said...

I love Allira´s pieces, quirky, fun and cute!