Friday, August 1, 2008

Window Shopping

All from Greenergrassdesign

1. Scarf by Alyson Fox (love this "tree" scarf too)
2. Fauna Pillow by Judy Ross
3. Tree Lace T-Shirt by Melissa Borrell
4. MIFA Bag by Krejci


Leila said...

I love that scarf too! Thanks for bringing us great stuff to look at / be tempted by!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Ok, first of all....I had forgotten about greener grass design, it is so lovely. I loved so many of their things...this scarf, those pillows by Judy Ross,yum~

kristina said...

that scarf is lovely!

Jill McNamara said...

love the scarf. if it weren't so damn hot right now, i'd love it more!

Anonymous said...

very nice things, all of it. i want that scarf...thanks for sharing :)