Monday, August 4, 2008

Ashley Donnan

Ashley Donnan, Lancaster, PA,
Horrible Shapes - Artwork by Ashley Donnan
Blog: + Flickr

1. How would you describe your style?

It is very loose and fluid. I am inspired by gesture drawings and trying to capture the figure with simple lines and color. It's strange, because a year ago I was really into technical drawings, with precise cross hatching and details. It feels really freeing to let loose, and have to think quickly where the next line will go, or what the next shape will be. I also think fashion, elegance, and decadence ties in greatly with my work. I am always looking for old fashion plates to get inspiration.

2. On your blog you wrote:

"I'm dealing with buying a house so that pretty much saps any energy I have. If we get the place we're hoping for, I'll actually be able to have my own studio! A room just for my art! And my stuff!! Right now I'm working out of my living room, so it will be such a happy, happy event."

Can you share any important lessons that that you've learned from the whole house-buying process?

The main lesson I learned is that nothing goes as planned! You really have to be adaptable and expect the unexpected, as they say. However, it's all worth it for that studio space.

3. What was it that made you want to start creating? Do you feel like you were born with a desire to create or did something trigger it?

As far back as I can remember, I was drawing. I drew on walls, I drew on old boxes, I scratched pictures into my sidewalk with rocks. I definitely think there was something within me that urged me to create.

4. Who is your idol/current craft-crush?

I idolize a lot of contemporary artists, but my biggest one is probably Audrey Kawasaki. She's the same age as I am and she's doing so well for herself. It makes me a little more than jealous!

5. Do you do this full-time? If not, what pays the bills?

I guess you could say I create full-time, because I am a full-time student in art school. I only provide meager supplemental income, and my husband provides the roof over my mess. One day, I hope that my art can support both of us.

6. What's on your current (music) playlist?

I'm in love with Beirut, it's the perfect music to play loudly with the windows down while driving at night. I also recently got into Balkan folk music, which is amazing.

7. Do you have any personal favorite recipes you can share with us? Chocolate Ganache!

Random Facts about Ashley...

1. My favorite food as a child was sauteed mushrooms.
2. I can make astrology charts and do tarot readings.
3. I name all of my house plants.
4. I love studying history, especially plagues and epidemics.
5. My husband and I were married by Dracula in a fake cemetery in Las Vegas.
6. I have a driver's license and don't know how to drive.

Thanks Ashley!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

These are lovely and a really sweet interview. Thanks Marichelle for introducing me to Ashley's work!