Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shop + Tell: Me again!

Me... and yes, that's a picture of what you think it is :) I didn't quite know how to pose with a bar of soap!
How often do you indie-shop?
I was pretty bad last month and bought 5 items, but I'm on lock down this month since we're saving up to buy a house!!
Scores...a Savor Coconut Mochi Bar
How does it make you feel?
Clean, soft, far-away, yummy, and relaxed

What made you buy it?
RJ's first "Confession of a Soapaholic" post. I bought 3 bars and I've tried 2 so far and love them both!!!

I also want to say how lovely Lisa is. She was so helpful and recommended a short list of bars that she thought I would like. Thanks Lisa!!


Jan said...

Nice toe polish, Marichelle!!! The soap looks like slathery goodness!

Claire, said...

Nice tan too, oo-la-la...

Marichelle said...

Thanks Jan! It's "Shorty Pants" by Essie! Claire, I'm trying to hold on to it for dear life :))

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Look at those lovely tan legs and cute toes! Yellow! Fab, you wear it well! I like your new photo too! That soap looks so great, I love coconut!

Trisha Fay said...

Too Cute, thanks for sharing!