Monday, August 18, 2008

Kareem Rizk

Artist of the Month >> Kareem Rizk, Australia

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A selection from Kareem's Handmade collection.
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Random Fact out Kareem >>
1. Lived in Egypt for 4 years of my childhood
2. I like green, black and raspberry tea
3. I’m terrible at answering these kinds of questions
4. 6 feet tall
5. Handsome : )
6. Will be travelling around the world during 2008/2009

A selection from Kareem's Digital collection.
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I'm inspired by... >>

Charles Wilkin (1-3): 1.Assembly #61, 2.Follow Instructions, 3.The Fine Emotions / Eduardo Recife (4-7): 4.Collage Book 10, 5.Collage Book 11, 6.Collage Book 12, 7.E O Amor / Mario Wagner (8-11): 8.Ashtray, 9.Flat, 10.Room 205, 11.Robot / Richard Hamilton (12,13): 12.Appealing, 13.Interior


1.8ball & MJG, 2.Journey 3.Donald Byrd 4.Blade Runner Soundtrack 5.Nas 6.Yanni 7.The Pharcyde 8.Zapp & Roger 9.Al Green 10.Notorious B.I.G. 11.Nas: Illmatic 12.Tupac Shakur 13.Phil Collins 14.Bob Marley 15.E-40 16.The Intruders 17.The Click 18.Isley Brothers 19.Earth, Wind & Fire 20.James Brown 21.Outkast 2 22.Sting & The Police 23.Curtis Mayfield 24.Outkast 25.UB40

Nostalgia:1.found photography, 2.weathered elements, 3.nostalgic typography, 4.quintessential suburbia, 5.retro colors & interiors, 6.vintage books, 7.vintage television, 8.typography-experiments, 9.old car advert, 10.distressed elements 11.vintage computers, 12.numbers, 13.old magazines, 14.wallpaper

Fill in the blank >>

Thanks Kareem!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Love,Love,love this interview! The format is so awesome and let's me in on so much of his influences. So great....Some one who loves Earth,wind & Fire and outkast gets my vote! :) I particularly love his bird images. Thanks Kareem and Marichelle!

notmassproduced said...

love Kareem's work and the visual style interview is brilliant. love it.

Tabitha Brown said...

Great interview.
And, some good taste in music I might add!