Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Heart Lab: Rifferaff

I've been reading Shannon's blog Make It over at for.... pffff... god knows how long now. I love how she shares both the highs and lows of running a creative business. I'm really diggin' her latest card collection - I'm so excited to finally have her on the site!

The making of a Jigsaw Card set...

Step 1: Come up with a design
Usually I'll doodle on scrap paper when bored at work and if I like something alot, I'll redraw it on a clean sheet of white paper with black felt tip pen so that it can be scanned into the computer - 30 Minutes

Step 2: Scanning, Illustrator, creating a pattern repeat
Scan drawing, manipulate it in Illustrator to look how I want, create a pattern repeat - 2 to 3 hours. I'm self-taught in Illustrator, so this is taking less and less time the more I do it, as I figure out how to actually use the program.

Step 3: Burn screens
Send digital file to local t-shirt screenprinting shop to burn my screens - Pick up screens a week later.

Step 4: Mix colors by hand
In this case I'm printing with white ink, which I use straight out of the container. I make sure to mix it up good and add lots of glycerine to get the perfect consistency . 8 Minutes

Step 5: Printing & Drying
Print 40 sheets of 19 x 25 cardstock and lay them out to dry - 60 minutes printing + another hour for drying.

Step 6: Clean screen
Clean screen thoroughly so ink doesn't dry in mesh and clog it up.
25 Minutes

Step 7: Cutting
Clean screen thoroughly so ink doesn't dry in mesh and clog it up.
90 Minutes

Step 8: Score and fold
It's just me, a metal ruler and the bone folder. I take breaks every so often to give my wrist and elbow a rest. 3 Hours

Step 9: Photograph, edit photos
I'm the worst photographer so I'll try a lot of different things for the shot (with tripod, without tripod, white background, wood background, super close-up, etc) then end up choosing the most basic ones. The secret of photo editing, I have learned, is just make everything brighter. 1 Hour

Step 10: Upload to Etsy
I have a kind of template I use for the description of most of my paper goods, so I just change the wording to reflect the proper pattern name and ink colors and then upload the pics. 10 Minutes

Visit Shannon's shop at

Thanks Shannon!!


Jan said...

Shannon's work is great, and she's a sweet person. Nice to see her featured!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

I love Shannon's work and am a big fan. So lovely and it is a treat to hear about her process!

modish said...

Yay Shannon!!

Travel Turtle said...

I'm already a fan of her site. I love that she shared this process.

Anonymous said...

I love Shannons blog and work (: It's super interesting to read more about her process!

Clear Pink said...

I am a big fan of her site. It is great to see her featured here.

sulu-design said...

Ditto to the comments above. I love Shannon's informative blog and am so thrilled to see how far she's come. It was great seeing her featured here.