Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Heart Lab: Quirkles

Remember Rebecca of Quirkles? Well, I persuaded her to come back and share the making of Mr. Milton (the cutest and my favorite!!!)

1. Template - Create Template for fabric pattern 20 minutes

2. Print all the fabrics - 1 hour

3. Ears - Cut out 5 minutes, Sew blanket stitch and inner ears and stuff 40 minutes.

4. Body - Cut out body pieces 20 minutes (but to design the pattern took 2 days)

5. Legs - Cut pattern pieces 20 minutes, sew on machine and turn inside out 20 minutes.

6. Arms - Repeat legs method. 40 minutes.

7. Fingers and Toes - Bonda web the top and bottom together and cut out individual toes and fingers 30 minutes. Hand sew blanket stitch round each one 1 hour.

8. Positioning & Stuffing - Position Ears, arms and legs within the body pieces and sew the body pattern pieces together on machine making sure everything will be in the right place when you turn it out 30 minutes. Stuff him 5 minutes.

9. Wings - sew design on each wing 10 minutes. Back the wing and sew round with blanket stitch 40mins. Sew each wing onto the body by hand 20 minutes.

10. Face - Sew features and attach eyes 30 minutes.

11. Sewing - Sew up the gap by hand inserting tag 20 minutes.

12. Tag - It took 2 hours on the computer to design and 1 hour to print and cut out.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

SO adorable! I love him and I love hearing how Rebecca brings him to life! Handsewing the little fingers and the design on his

Toni said...

So cute!!