Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Heart Lab: Emma Gordon

I love Heart Lab because not only does it make me appreciate all the time and effort that goes into a handmade product, but I love seeing the wealth of talent on display. For instance, if you add everything up , it looks like Emma of Emma Gordon can create one of her lovely clutches in under 2 hours (I know, crazy)!!! I don't know about you but I can hardly set up my sewing machine, let alone sew something as pristine as this clutch bag in two hours!

The making of a Dolly Stripe Clutch Bag...

Step 1: Drawing and cutting out each fabric shape
First I have to cut out each piece of fabric - the black canvas for the flap, top collar and the canvas used for the rectangular bag shape which will be sewn underneath the stripy jersey so the bag can hold it's shape. I also need to draw and cut out the interlining fabrics for each piece which are then ironed on to give extra rigidity. 30 Minutes

Step 2: Ironing each piece into the correct shape
Now I have to iron each piece of fabric into the correct shape (rounding the corners on the flap and ironing the strip for the top collar). 20 Minutes

Step 3: Making the flap
The red trim is then tacked by hand onto the front part of the flap and both sides are sewn together on the machine. I then have to attach 2 magnetic fasteners to each corner on the underneath of the flap. 10 Minutes

Step 4: Sewing each section together
Each section of the bag is then sewn together. The top collar has to be pinned to the inside shape, the stripy jersey is ruched into place as I go around the top. They are then all sewn together on the machine. 10 Minutes

Step 5: Stitching lining into bag
The flap is then pinned into place and 2 more magnetic fasteners attached to the correct place on the top collar so that the flap can be folded securely shut. The lining is then tacked inside and everything is sewn into place on the machine. 10 Minutes

Step 6: Stitching on red heart buttons
The red heart buttons are hand-stitched onto the front flaps. 1 Minute

Step 7: Finishing off with branded labels
A woven branded label has to be ironed flat and stuck inside the bag, then it's finished off with a Emma Gordon card hang-tag. 1 Minute

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Thanks Emma!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

So wonderful! What adorable bags!