Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Heart Lab: Handmade Handbuilt Pottery by Deborah

I discovered Deborah's handbuilt pottery line while putting together the Laced Up editorial. I've never seen pieces like hers before and I just had to find out more about her process...

1. Inspiration:
Walking around, doing nothing clay related and suddenly seeing something in nature that inspires me - Indefinite time

2. Prepping the clay: Slice a chunk of clay off the block and knead it, spreading it thinner with my hands, finding the perfect rough organic looking shape, then smoothing it with a rolling pin - About 20 minutes

3. Impressing the clay with bits of antique lace and ribbons and making my signature hand stamped flower (or art deco girl) add-on - 10 minutes

4. Shaping it into a cone shape and sealing it with slip (wet clay) - 2 minutes

5. Drying: 3 days

6. Firing: Loading and Firing it in the kiln - 9 hours

7. Finishing: Removing it and staining it with mason stains and a transparent glaze over it - 20 minutes

8. Second Firing: Back in the kiln for a second firing - another 9 hours

9. Taking the pictures: What seems like an eternity but probably is only 15 minutes

10. Upload: Listing it on etsy - 10 minutes

11: Packaging it and shipping: An hour ..... more if there’s a line at the post office!

Thanks Deb!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Absolutely beautiful! I have already picked a whole bunch of favorites! What a lovely find!