Thursday, August 20, 2009

DIY: Nookie Wrap-up

San Francisco is chock full of Edwardian apartments like the one we rent, and most of them have these lovely recessed shelves in the hallway. The best I can figure, these were used for old intercom systems or phones. Our hallways is the darkest part of our otherwise bright apartment, so this little nook felt a little glum, and seemed to gasp out for a quick DIY makeover.

Inspiration struck with a gift that came wrapped in lovely paper, with just enough of it to give the nook a pop of color and pattern. If you can wrap a present (even clumsily!) you can tackle this project.

All you need is…

1. Scrap cardboard
2. Craft knife
3. Decorative paper
4. Tape

Measure the back wall of your recessed area, cut a piece of cardboard just a sliver thinner than the actual size, and wrap with decorative paper. Insert, and add flowers alongside other personal objects for a rotating corner of happy!

Photos: Kelly Wilkinson

About Kelly... I grew up in a renovated barn in Virginia, the middle of three sisters. Now I'm in San Francisco, trying to straddle the country-urban worlds. For now, this means access to the city out the front door, with veggies and bees in the back. All my life, I've loved making stuff: crafts, dinners, skirts, preserves...and grand designs for my life!

Thanks Kelly!!


Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh isnt that lovely! I had to comment because that looks so pretty. It's amazing how one lil thing can brighten up a space!!

Anonymous said...

love this idea!

Angelina Fong Designs said...

That is so pretty! What a great idea!

Laura Gaskill said...

So cute! Great idea to wrap the cardboard rather than just tape paper directly to the wall - much neater that way. And I love how Kelly called it "Project: Nookie Wrap-up" - adorable!

Clementine said...

What a fantastic idea, Kelly--I love your "nookie wrap-up," heee hee!
And it turned out so lovely! said...

Oh that is fabulous! I love this idea and I'm totally jealous of all you recessed shelf people. =) I'll be linking.

Elissa said...

I wish my bungalow had a little phone niche like that. What a perfect little spot for flowers and a key dish!