Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Window Shopping @ Little Circus

OH MY GOODNESS!! Cute alert cute alert!
A handful of my favorite artists (yours too I'm sure!) under one roof? Little Circus shop - you rock. BIG TIME. OK so it's Belgium based and more for our non-US based readers, but that's ok they ship internationally too! Plus, most of the artists featured here have their own shops!

Here's just a teeny tiny selection of the talented artists whose works they carry.

... oh and I must get my hands on one of these creatures by Appoline of Apolline à Paris (cutest site BTW). So delicate and full of details and overflowing fancy!!


sew nancy said...

Oh, I completely adore all the products here.
I have one of Fanja's doll and a little rabbit from Appoline and a few of Tamar M products- birdcage and birdhouse.
Oh, I heard you live in the same town as me. The damage we could do shopping together....:)

gauci123 said...

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Kate8085 said...

Oh! I love Le Train Fantome!
Gorgeous post and finds!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

uh oh....I am in big trouble....this is all so incredibly adorable!

Mallory said...

this is one of my favorite shops!! everything is lovely. no exceptions, which is semi-rare.