Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Other Half: Jake Johnston

Who: Jake Johnston
Fiancé: Laurie Mee of Two Trick Pony
When I met Laurie... We've been together for eight years. We met at work.

>> 5 Random Things about Jake
I can't stand the sound of the word "Flavor." (ugh)
The movie Iron Giant makes me cry uncontrollably.
If I could eat one food for the rest of my life, it'd be cheese.
If I had to stop buying action figures, I'm sure that I'd expire.
I really wish that our world wasn't driving Polar Bears to extinction.

1. What would you say are the three most important things that you do to support Laurie in her creative endeavors?

A) I like to think that I keep her laughing, either intentionally or unintentionally.
B) In the rare cases when her creative energies fail her, I try to offer some input from a different perspective.
C) And since I tend to have more free time than she does, I make myself available for any kind of grunt work or assembly line. When there isn't any of that to do, I clean our dishes and the rest of the house. Which I would probably do anyway because I'm a semi-neat freak.

2. Living with someone who works long and irregular hours can be tough... how do you stop the craziness from impacting your relationship? Can you offer some survival tips?

I really feel that humor is so important. She's both my best audience and my favorite comedian. As long as we have some time to laugh together, I think that speaks volumes even if we don't have as much time as we'd like to communicate in other ways. She's very good about making sure that we do something together no matter how busy she is, even if it's shopping for groceries or walking our dog, Wally. My best tip is use what you've got, whether it's helping each other do the dishes or getting ready in the bathroom at the same time, and make it fun.

3. Your home doubles as Laurie's design studio. Could you give us a sense of what it's like living with her?

[door opens]...and Laurie's found time to fix dinner for us, even tho' she's been in the studio since she got home! So I'm a lucky guy! I like that I'm in such close quarters to her work. It helps to keep me from becoming stagnant - even a typical day has a lot of energy to it. I have a BFA in painting, and it doesn't feel right living in a space where something creative isn't happening. I love seeing how she works her magic - she's the most resourceful person that I've ever known personally. I thrive on problem solving so I'll secretly hope she hits a bump and I have some crazy solution for her.

4. What was the strangest thing you've done to support Laurie in what she does?

I can think of better things to do than pick over the refuse that other people have left out on the curb, but Laurie will sometimes spot a diamond in the rough that she can make use of in the studio. So I find myself *shudder* slowing down whenever I see a pile of anything and asking myself W.W.L.D.? (I do this when I'm driving solo - if she's with me, I make every attempt to speed up at the sign of streetside trash)

5. What is the easiest & hardest thing about being Laurie's other half?

Every relationship relies on compromise by both parties, but with Laurie, I never feel as tho' I'm compromising.

The hardest thing is watching her work herself to exhaustion sometimes - partly 'cause I worry about her health, and partly 'cause I'm selfish and don't want her to be worn out when it comes time for us to do stuff.

6. What's your current favorite Two Trick Pony product?

I guess I'll say one of her get well cards, "Heal!" - it's a nice balance of clever and simple. It also features our prize Schnoodle, Wallace Herbert Bauer. She's always looking for ways to incorporate him that are appropo, and this one definitely works.

Thanks Jake!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

SO great.....I love Jake's random facts and their sweet doggie Wally....what a wonderful couple, using laughter to stay on the same page. I wholeheartedly agree! Thanks for sharing all!

My @ tha Hotness said...

He's a guy after my own heart I would eat cheese for the rest of my life too. I love the other half series.

Carrie S. said...

I am delighted to see Jake get some of the recognition he deserves...Two Trick wouldn't get half as much done if Jake wasn't such a great fella! Not only does he put up with Pony-sized projects that spread through the house, he'll also score and fold for hours on end, lift all the heavy things, and grin and bear it on the nights I have to crash on their couch.

Thanks for everything, Jake! The Ponies couldn't do it without you.

Unknown said...

that's so cute. you guys sound so functional.

zoetropa said...

Jake sounds like a great guy, Laurie sure is one lucky gal. The picture of the two of you is super cute!

scarves said...

Nice interview with interesting topics. By the way, nice scarf.

Marichelle said...

Jake, thanks again for another awesome T.O.H!!

Unknown said...

I have to say that this feature of the blog is one of my favorites. I love knowing about the people who support all this creativity and how that pursuit affects their life. Keep them coming.