Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Can I tell you an embarrassing secret? When I was a kid, I thought it was SO cool to be a lefty and I'm not sure how it got into my head that lefties were more creative. I can't really explain it, but I was absolutely OBsessed with the curved hook of the wrist/hand that was required of a lefty. So there I sat with a no.2 pencil for weeks, struggling to train my left hand to write... Long story short, I'm currently a righty and can't write with my left hand to save my life. I did however manage to ruin my eyes by sitting 2 inches away from the television in an attempt to get glasses... but that's another post.

Anyway, I share this story because Marcela is a lefty and proves the theory of a silly 6 year old. Her work is amazing and she's no stranger to commissioned work - you've probably spotted her illustrations if you read Good Weekend Magazine (Sydney Morning Herald), Notebook, INSIDEout, Bon App├ętit... the list goes on and on. And like she mentions below, I think this sort of say it like you see it attitude in her work and the way she captures and interprets everyday living is why I love her style so much. Now where's that no. 2...

A bit more about Marcela...

1. I have a degree in Graphic Design from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Colombia but only started to do illustrations about a year ago after I did some short courses at COFA in Sydney and fell in love with this type of work.

2. A year ago I was receiving enough illustration commissions and realized I should quit my design job and give this a go... I am so happy, I don't want to look back!

3. I believe the main element in my drawings is the everyday life.

4. Leo Espinosa, an illustrator/designer I admire very much said my illustrations were delicate with a melancholic equilibrium between the nostalgia for the past and the contemporary. I like that perception!

5. When asked What did you want to be when you grew up? Marcela answered... I only knew that I didn't want to have long nails and I achieved it.

6. I eat chocolate like crazy when I find myself stuck (creatively)!

7. I can't live without good old pencils and a nice clean eraser.

8. I have been living in Australia for five years now. I first came after my husband (then boyfriend) who was doing a masters degree. What I miss the most is my family, fruits varieties and the mountains.

9. When I am alone at home I often do exotic bird's noises and I have a great mime show.

Links: www.leftyhand.com, www.leftyhand.bigcartel.com
Images: Marcela Restrepo


susy said...

Gotta say, being a lefty *is* cool. I am one, and while it was a giant pain to be a lefty growing up, I am so happy to be one now! This was a fantastic post!! I enjoyed every last morsel of it. xx s

Waxy said...

haha - I remember I tried to 'teach' myself to write lefty so I could be different when I was young but failed...oh well - great post - Marcela's work is fabulous!

Kate8085 said...

I'm a lefty too!
We are smarter and more creative,
but we die faster.
So I guess everyone wins. hahahaha.

Unknown said...

Marcela didnt tell you the whole truth... she's actually ambidextrous and a brilliant cook too.
Her mimes are rubbish though.

Marichelle said...

of course you two are lefties, see!!
So glad I'm not alone on this one!
Hi Kate, appreciate the insider info (always the last one to know!) ;)