Thursday, July 30, 2009

Meet... Brie Ruais

Although Brie Ruais is new to me, she's by no means a newbie. Quite the contrary! She's been exhibiting her work at numerous galleries since 2002. What struck me in particular about her work was her use of embroidery. If you've been reading HH for a while, you know I'm a huge fan of the works of Cathy Cullis, Joetta Maue and Michelle Moode - whose work for the most part is heavily based on the art of embroidery.

I love how Brie is a self-proclaimed collector of nature. She explains on her site that her home is filled to the brim with jars of shells, stones, dried vegetation, sticks, plants, driftwood and branches. When the time comes, she calls onto these objects and gives them new life by combining them with embroidery, carved wood, wax casts and other sculptural elements.

I certainly don't consider myself an artist but I do find comfort in knowing that I have something in common with Brie - whether I'm at a garage sale, antique shop, even in a Michaels Craft store, I'm always picking up random items. Most of my friends and family will often ask what are you going to do with that? My answer is always I'm not sure yet, I guess I'll figure it out. It may take me two weeks or two years, but for the most part I do eventually figure it out. I guess I'm referring to the ability to see the potential in things, something I hope I never lose.

Well I hope you enjoy browsing through Brie's work - this one is one of my personal favorites...

Images: Brie Ruais


Michele Maule said...

Lovely work! Truly inspirational :)
Thanks for sharing her work!

Lee May Foster-Wilson said...

Love these wonderful pieces, thanks for showing them!

Clementine said...

Amazing work! I love this piece.

I'm totally a collector of stuff, too. On the shelf above the coats next to the front door, I have a branch with a bird's nest in it, a collection of bones found in the woods, lots of feathers, and a large piece of birch bark with a dried up mushroom on it. There's something about finding these little treasures that makes me want to keep them. I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)

Marichelle said...

so glad you had a chance to browse through her work, amazing right?

Cassie, that bark + mushroom sounds like an amazing find. Take a pic! Still can't get over how amazing your new cut looks!!