Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shop + Tell: Marilyn

Marilyn of Pulp Sushi
How often do you indie-shop?
A couple of times a month. I always try to buy handmade gifts for others and I only purchase handmade soaps for myself.
Scores... A lovely silkscreen dress made by Karin from Better Than Jam
How does it make you feel?

Cute, sophisticated, stylish, comfortable, happy
What made you buy it?
I was selling at a market and my booth was next to Better Than Jam. I was looking at the dress all day. I just loved the colors and the pattern. It is not often I can find handmade clothes that flatter my curves so when I tried it on, I knew I had to take it home with me.

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Melissa de la Fuente said...

So adorable! I love when you see something you love, can't live without, stare at it all day and then...take it home! :) So fun!

EvaForeva said...

Such a cute dress!!!

found paper co. said...

Gorgeous dress! I love the red and gray together. Congrats on a great purchase!

danielle said...

I have one too and I LOVE IT. In fact, once my friend saw my Better than Jam dress she bought TWO.

Marilyn said...

Thanks! And it feels just as good as it looks. It has definitely become one of my favorite pieces to wear.