Thursday, May 21, 2009

I spy... Calm Air All Ice

That's Claire Elizabeth Platt hanging hankies for her latest exhibition, "Calm Air All Ice" with her fellow artist Camilla Stacey. I'm always excited when I hear from Claire, she's always got something exciting up her sleeve.

"...we're both inspired by similar things and share a reverence for vintage fabrics and traditional craft techniques."

I love how the vintage hankies lay as backdrops to {more} modern references like the fold-up fortune tellers I used to be obsessed with as a kid. But isn't it interesting that that could also very well be "vintage", depending on who's looking? I'm sure my teenage nieces have never heard of such a thing - like... you what? fold-up paper fortune tellers??. Oh kids, you're definitely missing out! And I'm starting to feel old.

Calm Air All Ice
May 19th- 24th 2009
Room 212
Gloucester Road

Wish I could be there!

PS. Wondering where the name comes from? It's an anagram of Claire's and Camilla's names!


Waxy said...

Heck yeah - fold up fortune tellers totally rocked!