Friday, May 15, 2009

High Five Friday

Diggin' everything about this - perfect styling, photo, title + everyone needs a good tube top for the summer, no? ...did I mention contrasting light blue and teal hand-stitched stars?

Yellow Starry Eyed Tube Top $25 by Oui Oui Dite Souris

Pssst. Add "FreeShippingHH" to notes to seller and get free shipping! (You'll receive a refund)


Stephanie said...

Congrats! I am passing on to you the One Lovely Blog Award because I love reading your blog! Stop by my blog and pick up your award :)

Stacey said...

So summery, love the images and style.

Unknown said...

So adorable with the sweet stars stiched on the side! I think you need this hun, it would be adorable on you!