Thursday, May 14, 2009


Prima Necklace
by Kelly Wilkinson

Maybe it’s the new dance class I’m in, or maybe it’s the floaty spring weather. But right now, I am all about light-as-air details. Here’s a necklace that takes only a few dollars and about as many minutes to create. And you can use the simple technique to pile up as many airy layers as you’d like.

All you need is…

1. Small length(s) of nylon netting or tulle, in one color or variety of colors
2. Jewelry cord (satin, waxed linen, leather or even ribbon will work)
3. Yarn needle (the hole in the needle needs to be big enough fit the size cord you’re using)

Cut a length of netting or tulle. I used three long rectangles measuring 17” by 2 1/2”: one layer of light pink and two layers of dark brown. Don’t worry if you don’t cut each layer of netting exactly the same size, I like the skighty offset look! If you want more fabric, simply cut a longer length rectangle and/or use more layers.

Lay each piece of netting on top of each other. Starting at a short end of the fabric, fold accordion-style until you reach the other end. Fold ends of fabric under at each end to hide raw edges (check out step-by-step instructions here).

Thread cord through needle and push through all layers of netting, close to the top. While looking in mirror, decide how wide you want your netting to splay across the front. Knot on either side.

Tie cord behind your neck and pirouette into the day!

You can follow the steps in more detail right here.

Photos: Kelly Wilkinson

About Kelly...
I grew up in a renovated barn in Virginia, the middle of three sisters. Now I'm in San Francisco, trying to straddle the country-urban worlds. For now, this means access to the city out the front door, with veggies and bees in the back. All my life, I've loved making stuff: crafts, dinners, skirts, preserves...and grand designs for my life!


Mallory said...

thank you so much for this! i have some magenta netting just sitting around... waiting to be used. now it will be!