Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shop Live Pre-Sale

I wanted to say thank you again to all of the talented artists and sellers who are taking part in today's Shop Live event. Thank you for supporting HH and for offering up so many amazing deals. Happy shopping everyone!!! I'll see you tonight at the Etsy Virtual Labs (Auditorium, 7pm ET).

I'll be posting about all of the goodies that I'll be featuring tonight a little later today. If you're on twitter, be sure to follow me - I'll be sending a reminder before the event!

Full list of participants:
Neawear, blissful images, Joetta Maue, MEENIAK, Whitney Smith, Elizabeth Rosas Jewelry, Caitlin Holcomb | NICE, Savor, Esther Coombs, Moop, Holly Stalder, Katie Runnels, enhabiten, astulabee, Miniature Rhino, Heather Smith Jones, Michele Maule, Bailey Doesn't Bark, Abigail Brown, Little Alouette, Whimsy & Spice, Kup Kup Land, Terry Graziano, La Pomme, Decoylab, Acts of Kindness, Aliette, Wren & Chickadee, Jessica Gonacha, Hydra Heart

As I mentioned yesterday, some of the participants have decided to hold ALL-DAY sales in celebration of the event. Perfect for those of you who won't be able to make it tonight or just want a head start...

enhabiten: 20% off all items with promocode "shopliveHH"
whitney smith: 15% off any non-sale item with promocode "shopliveHH"
hydra heart: 20% off Spring Equinox Flats promocode "HHSPRING"
blissful images: 20% off all items with promocode "shopliveHH"
nice: 25% off all Mini I Love You Banners promocode "shopliveHH"
katie runnels: 20% off all items with promocode "shopliveHH"
astulabee: 20% off all items + free shipping with promocode "shopliveHH"
miniature rhino: 20% off all items with promocode "shopliveHH"
michele maule: 20% off all items with promocode "shopliveHH"

NOTE: Add promocode to "notes to seller" and you will receive a refund after the transaction is complete.


Katie Runnels said...

thank you, Marichelle! This looks fantastic!! xoxox

Jessica Marie said...

such beautful items!

Unknown said...

looks like i'm going to be doing some shopping tonight :)

MonkeyThreads said...

I have been wanting to get one of enhabiten's pillow for quite a while now. Thank you for offering such a great deal! I snagged this one.

Vintage Inspired Jewelry said...

Thank you Marichelle. Can't wait for the sale. Good Luck..Kathi