Thursday, April 30, 2009

Houseguest: Renee Anne Baker

Hello lovely and hearty readers. Renee Anne here from art4friends and I am super excited to be Heart Handmade’s house guest! (she makes a lovely pot of tea!) I like to consider myself an artist, or someone who likes to draw and make visual things for viewing pleasure, and in my spare time I have been keeping myself busy drawing and making, as well as viewing and collecting art.

1. Michelle Armas, 2. Casey Jex Smith, 3. Tabitha Emma, 4. Catherine Campbell

Recently I just moved into my own little place, and so you can imagine my excitement when I realised I now have more than just two bedroom walls to decorate! (Although I still have to get the tick of approval from the boy). My original art and print collection (I love prints! So affordable!) albeit small, is slowly growing, and with this in mind I bring to you… “My all time favourite art of right now”.

5. Lizzy Stewart, 6. Leah Giberson

I had intended on keeping this strictly Australian (yes Aussie here!) but it got a little out of hand when I was browsing my ‘right now’ favourites, and well basically, I just felt slack to exclude based on geographical location!

I will give a special mention to my sweet little Australian’s though; Catherine Campbell’s Etsy shop was the first ever Etsy shop I stumbled upon (thank you for the wonderful introduction!!) and is probably one of my most favourite artists ever. I own the print on show here, as well as my very own original!! Caitlin Shearer is also one of my earlier days artist heroes, I have been “following” her work for many years, and it is just amazing seeing her work develop and grow. Tabitha Emma, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, is not only a fabulous artist, but is also pretty nifty with the needle and thread!

7. Charmaine Olivia, 8. Nina Clough, 9. Caitlin Shearer, 10. Olivia Jefferies

Now I just need to start saving so my walls can be filled with all this wonderfully wonderful art!

I think it is tea and cupcake time.

Renee Anne Baker
I was studying art teaching at University for a little while, but now I am not so sure. Right now I love creating, art and design, and would happily throw away those 9-5 hours and create for as long as my eyes stayed open if it paid for my eating and living. I am a supporter or all things handmade, fair-trade, eco-friendly and keeping with the natural elements of food and life. All you like-minders don’t hesitate to stop by and say hello at my blog, and share with me your stories.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

This is great and welcome to Renee! I love all of these pieces and couldn't agree more about Catherine's work. Thank you for this! Off to check out your blog!

Anonymous said...

fantastic- thank you! :D

Dot said...

some very beautiful work thankyou!xxx

Julie said...

Hello, Renee! Such lovely pieces!

rejenerate said...

Yay Renee! And might I say that your own works deserve a spot amongst these divine pieces x