Thursday, April 16, 2009


Printemps Runner
by Kelly Wilkinson

This time of year in California, the air smells like flowers and the trees are literally bursting with showy blossoms. This project is born out of wanting to bring some of that feeling to our table, for a sunny brunch or lunch. Once you have everything on hand, you could whip one of these up while a strata bakes and the coffee brews. And if you don’t sew, you can find all sorts of plain runners and embellish them in a flash.

All you need is…

1. Table runner or length of linen fabric
2. Scissors, pins and coordinating thread (if sewing runner)
3. Iron-on appliqués (I’ve taken a liking to these but be forewarned, you have to wade through a lot of designs.)

If you’re making a table runner, cut linen to desired size. I made my runner 12” wide by 48” long, but you should size this to your own table. Starting with a long edge, fold fabric in ½”, press. Fold another ½”, press again, and pin in place. Repeat around all sides. Sew in place.

Arrange appliqués on runner until you’re satisfied with the design. Iron into place, and your spring table awaits you.

Photos: Kelly Wilkinson

About Kelly...
I grew up in a renovated barn in Virginia, the middle of three sisters. Now I'm in San Francisco, trying to straddle the country-urban worlds. For now, this means access to the city out the front door, with veggies and bees in the back. All my life, I've loved making stuff: crafts, dinners, skirts, preserves...and grand designs for my life!


melissa loves said...

Oh! How sweet and beautiful!

Rachel B said...

What a fun project!

Anonymous said...

I love this! It's a great way to bring Spring into the house...and maybe a good Mom's Day gift (:

Unknown said...

Super cute — and simple too. (And wow, nice table :) Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

That's a great project for a non-crafty crafter like me. I'll be doing this at the weekend. Thanks guys.


Anonymous said...

What a pretty spring table runner! My nieces would love a project like this, to make the table "pretty." Teri

hear.t. and hue said...

love it! and love how she added "while the strata bakes & the coffee brews". i love multi-tasking! :)