Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Aaron Chupp

>> Who: Aaron Chupp
Wife: Vana Chupp of Le Papier Studio

When I met Vana...
I met Vana 8 years ago in architecture school. She had just transferred to my school my senior year. It was her first day at the school after she moved from California, I saw her, she didn’t see me. Our school was small so I knew she was new, and I was immediately interested in her, but thought she was out of my league. Thankfully she noticed me soon after that (we worked together in a slide archive for our student jobs) because I was shy and could not make a move. We soon found that even though we grew up 4800 miles apart we had a lot in common.

I love soccer/football/futbol but only catch a game everyone once in a while on TV, but I check the scores and read commentary everyday.

As a member of the first freshman class at our architecture school, I was voted by our professors “Person most likely to be an extra-terrestrial”. I am still trying to figure out why.

I am from Delaware and miss my scrapple and egg breakfast sandwiches.

I used to have a cowboy hat rack in my truck, but I have never ever had a cowboy hat. (it came with the truck)
I love cheese, me an Vana used to work for a cheese stand at a farmers market briefly. My favorite that I am imagining at this moment is brie that is layered with apricot preserves.

1. What would you say are the three most important things that you do to support Vana in her creative endeavors?

1. Playing with our son, and try to keep him out of her space.
2. Helping clean up around the house.
3. Encouraging her and providing feed back on her work.

2. Being with someone who works long and irregular hours can be tough... from missed dinners to not being able to do simple things like relaxing and watching your favorite shows together as often as you'd like... How do you stop the craziness from impacting your relationship?

For us our relationship was built during one of the busiest and most stressful times in our lives (architecture school) so in a way we are used to it. I think the important thing is to take time for the little things regularly. Say goodbye to each other in the morning, and actually look each other in the eyes and smile, the same in evening when you come home. Call or chat online during the day at work. We try stay connected, but understand that we have a full and busy life. It is only a few times a year that we have a chance to go out alone, so we have to maintain our lives connection during our everyday life so that our lives don’t become separated.

3. Could you give us a sense of what it's like living with an artist/designer who works from home? Please describe what typically happens once you come home from work [door opens]...

My son either, tackles me and says he wants to play or as I enter I see him in the kitchen with a bowl/pot, a spoon, shouting out about what he has “cooked”. Usually this is followed by Vana saying “please take him”. Sometimes I come home and open the door and find silence. I then have to go searching for them, as they are hiding somewhere. We usually then have dinner and then I try to give Vana time for her to work undistracted.

4. What was the strangest thing you've done to support Vana in what she does?

Not strange item but more unique I guess. I built a series of cabinets and a countertop for her workspace.

5. What is the easiest and hardest thing about being Vana's other half?

Easiest – Being happy for her seeing the enjoyment she has in designing and creating her products.
Hardest – Having time to get away from it all with her and relax.

6. Please choose one of your personal favorites from Vana's collection and briefly explain why it's your favorite.

A personal favorite is the paperweight with the boy blowing bubbles (I wish I had one of these for my office at work) as it is my son enjoying one of his favorite pastimes.

Thanks Aaron!!


melissa loves said...

YAY! Vana and her hubby! I love Vana and am so happy to hear more about her sweet Aaron! I love that they met in architecture school( I have such respect for architects), that Aaron loves brie with preserves and that he drove a truck! Thanks for another wonderful "other half" and Aaron, so nice to meet you! And how fantastic are those cabinets that you made? wow! Such a great couple!

Vana said...

Awwww thanks honey! I want you to know how much I appreciate your never ending support both emotional, spiritual and well physical with out little angel. I couldn't have had it any other way! xoxo Vana

Vana said...

oh and thanks Marichelle, for such sweet interview! I was so interested in reading my Aaron's answers!

Leanne said...

Awww... what a sweet interview, Aaron! I met this sweet couple in architecture school (where I also met my husband). {{“Person most likely to be an extra-terrestrial”... really??}} Aaron is a great story teller and I particularly love his stories about Delaware (and Carlo Scarpa... archinerd humor). It is pretty amazing to see how Vana's business has grown in such a short period of time. She puts in sooo much work but that is truly coupled with a wonderful, creative talent! Not to mention a super-supportive husband. Oh and dude, I will totally babysit Niko for you... take your woman on a date!!!

Kasey said...

great getting to know your hubs Vana!!

Julia said...

This was so beautiful! I have goosebumps and feel all misty-eyed, silly, I know. But I loved reading this from Aaron's point of view because I know that's what a lot of our partners feel at times. It was a priceless interview, thank you so much for sharing!

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

I love this series! Aaron is a sweety- and paints a really nice portrait. *I just treated myself to scrapple and eggs when I stayed in DE! So hard to get where I live.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

hoooray Vana's hubby! What a sweetie---oh how I love that gal and now I know a little bit more about her other half---i love this series Marichelle--you are so good!

Jan said...

I love Vana's style - and it sounds like she's got just the right guy!! Great interiew! (Can I place an order for cabinets and a work station?)

hear.t. and hue said...

so neat! and those cabinets & countertop space is AAAAAAAA.M.A.Z.I.N.G. what a brilliant, brilliant idea to have that in such an open space. work-from-home-moms don't have eyes in the back of their head, but that's as close as you're going to get!!!! :) LOVE IT!

Marichelle said...

Thanks again Aaron!! If you're ever in the mood to build more custom cabinets and countertops I think you got yourself a couple of new clients (me included!)

Inkspot Workshop said...

I Love that interview!! What a keeper, may I please borrow him for some much needed cabinet making? Love the idea of featuring The Other Half!

Jaimee McClellan said...

Vana, you certainly have quite a catch! I sooo enjoyed this glimpse into your family. Sounds VERY familiar too :)

Cindy said...

they are the sweetest family and so creative. i love the hiding part. thanks guys.