Monday, March 2, 2009

Sucker for Softies

1. The Sweetest Apple. lavender-scented plush by Lapomme
2. Organic Soft Block Set by dressmeup
3. The Four Seasons Mini Cushion by Baileydoesntbark
4. Small mushrooms set of three by Mairuru


Julie said...

That little mushroom set is adorable!

elodee said...

I also love the mushrooms! But the the first ones..are they apples? They're super cute!

Apol said...

yes, elodee, they're apples, lavender-scented ones. (who says apples have to smell like apples, right? :D)

hi, marichelle. thank you so much for this!

Marichelle said...

hi Julie and Elodee! Apol, I LOVE this!! said...

ooooo, lovely!

1-2-3 what fun you'll have with me -
and all these soft, stuffie friends!

and i super dig the clothesline presentation. thanks for pinning my blocks up too.

power to the stuffed!