Monday, March 9, 2009

Jamie Shelman

I just recently discovered Jamie Shelman's wonderful work and was immediately drawn to her fresh and contemporary take on cats. Yes, cats. So please click on the adorable "Lucky" cat below to flip through a small selection of Jamie's work and read on to get to know her a little better...

Bicycles, stripes,Tom's stack of fashion magazines, plants, books, Christmas Cactus, Christmas, NYC, Lincoln Center, art museums, good art, good food, stacks, Architecture (Cape Cod Style House), nature, open spaces, water and wooden boats, cats, Bergdorf's window displays

1. My ibook with RexParker does the NY Times crossword puzzle blog open on it (my husband was solving todays while I was working on this interview!)
2. Paris Vogue (peeking out from behind the computer)
3. One of my little accordian style cat books
4. Our Steiff Hare (like Durers!)
5. My favorite color of gouache- Opera!
6. Our "Hell, Yes" New Museum coffee mug (now my pen and brush holder)
7. Dipytique candles, my pop up cat (and cafe au lait bowls in the background)
8. Valentines we made
9. Stadtler Pen - made in Germany (my fave) and sketches for goodnight sylvia!

My Tom, art, or my cafe au lait and croissant every morning...



Cindy said...

i enjoy jaimie's blog and her incredible cats. loved this interview. thanks, ladies!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

SO great! I love this sweet interview and her wonderful shop.....the little birthday cat is my fave!

annechovie said...

Thanks for the illustrated feature on Jamie! Love her work and her sense of fun.

Marichelle said...

Jamie's work is definitely refreshing. Anne, I think you said it best - her work is definitely injected with her own unique sense of fun! I'm a new fan!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

huzzah! i love jamie and i love her work--it's so nice to learn more about her!