Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I have a crush on...

Dear Dana,

I know I often fall, but I think this may be the real deal. I don't own any original pieces of art, my collection consists solely of prints that fit into my teeny tiny budget... but when I look at your work, especially Hidey Home, I feel an uncontrollable urge to change all that...

6 random things about Dana...

At some point in my life I want to live on an old ramshackle farm maybe upstate NY/Vermont and have a small stable of pygmy goats. Also I dream of an old barn studio and giant garden.
I am strangely addicted to listening to podcasts of Coast to Coast AM when I'm in the studio these days. It's this late night call in show that is all about the paranormal, quantum physics, ESP, end times, people who believe garden gnomes are real, life after death, etc. I especially like the physics stuff and the end hour where a very, very random bunch of people call in with their questions.
In high school I used to create psuedo-psychedelic album covers for a fictitious band called "The Void."
I am incapable of dancing like a normal person. It feels so contrived that I usually end up with a combination interpretive dance + aerobics routine.
I stopped drinking caffeinated coffee almost 2 years ago and I really don't miss it that much and I feel somewhat annoying for just typing that.
If I had no job and all the time in the world I would get really really good at tennis and guitar.

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1. What are you currently up to?

I am currently up to figuring out what I am gonna make next. I'm in a bit of a spot, not worried, but not feeling the next thing so much. I am up to too much wii games is what.

2. An art student (a big fan) sends you a letter asking for some advice. He shares his frustration and mentions that he's currently in a creative rut, finding it hard to escape the world of sensory overload and unable to find his own voice. How do you respond?

If only I had the answers... basically I think you shouldn't overthink, don' t spaz out with ambition. You just have to keep at it. Sometimes I go to the studio as much out of habit as anything. Habits are good. It's really about persistence and dedication and finding the awesome freedom in making stuff. Just do - think less. Have other artists over. It should be fun sometimes. You just have to carve out the psychic space and if you're not into going to the studio then don't go. Life's too short.

3. Artists, designers, bloggers who often work from home alone (all day long) develop some pretty unique and quirky habits. Can you share one of yours?

Oh, if only I didn't have a day job. Okay, so I have worked from home at certain times in my life and it's not pretty. I eat totally horrible food because I am too lazy to deal with it, ie a bag of smarties or pine nuts and toast. I have been known to wear the same clothes for many days in a row and bathing is infrequent. So it's probably a good thing I go to an office as much as I hate getting up in the morning.

4. If you can only eat at one NYC restaurant for the rest of your life, which one will it be?

When I first read the question I thought you meant that I had to ONLY eat at one restaurant for every meal for the rest of my life. That thought is so foul. But if I always had to go to the same place when i went out --- hmmm. It's kind of an impossible question. I really like Supper in the East Village. I could eat there a lot.


Thanks Dana!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

wow. I really,really love Dana's is absolutely euphoric! Also, I loved this interview, Dana sounds like the salt of the earth and I love that she dances with a combo of interpretive dance and aerobics! Yes! Thanks ladies, this was so much fun!

Beth H said...

Dana's work is so totally unique! Love the combination of painting with applique, embroidery & beadwork! and of course, how can you resist unicorns?!

Banana-head Pancake said...

ohmygosh, her work is fantastic.
and I'm totally downloading some Coast to Coast AM podcasts.

sj said...

love love love this! striking colors and fantastic combinations.