Monday, February 9, 2009

Lightness of Being

1. Oyster silk taffeta ruffle shrug by englishdept
2. Seed of Light ot Spring Blush by foodchic
3. butterflies by aliette
4. hojas handbag by zelaya
5. Cut and Run by Devon Kelley-Yurdin by GhostGallery


Anne said...

Gorgeous picks!

blue moss said...

pretty it all

Amy (the b-line) said...

Bringing a moment of calm to my incredibly hectic day!

heather smith jones said...

This collection is gorgeous, absolutely.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

So beautiful hun! Thank you for all of this lightness!

Michelle said...

what a beautiful selection. the "cut and run" and butterflies pieces especially resonate with me. thank you!

Marichelle said...

Thanks Anne, man I still wish I had a dog so I could dress it up in one of your hats!

Hi Michelle, glad you like these picks!

Oh no Amy, hope you get some R&R soon!

hi Heather!! Thanks for stopping by.

Melis, me and you are soooo on the same page today.

Michelle, me too! me too!

Tabuena arts central said...


Anonymous said...

the shrug is incredibly beautiful!!

Marichelle said...

Thanks Eric!
hi Adriana, Franz Finnegan K. That's a great name!!