Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jim Chialtas

Jim Chialtas
Wife: Debbie Chialtas of Soapylove

Debbie is one of the busiest and most successful soap sellers I've seen on Etsy, so I was curious to find out more about her support system... Jim, welcome to Heart Handmade!

One: I used to competitively Greek dance when I was a kid.

Two: I had 2 jobs when I was 18… Scooping Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and picking up dead people! I often wore my tie-dye ice cream shirt under my black suit and tie.

Three: I drive a Bio-diesel/waste vegetable oil hybrid car… No foreign oil required! And totally carbon neutral. Yay!!

Four: I have a bald spot on my head (since birth) with a tattoo on it. It is my private little spot. Only those privileged few know about its existence. Now you can be part of my club too. Welcome to the club!

Five: I pick a little banjo when the feeling is right. (And my 3 y/o allows.)

1. What would you say are the three most important things that you do to support Debbie in her creative/soaping endeavors?

One: Child Care! If there is one major obstacle for Debbie with respect to how she can manage her time, it is the very important job of child rearing. As an acupuncturist I have the ability to be flexible with my schedule and be there for her when I can to allow for those creative juices to flow!

Two: Perhaps a negative personality trait of mine at times, though often constructive in the long run, is my willingness to be completely honest with her as to my impression of each design. I’m just an average guy with an outsider’s opinion and an unbiased view of the soaping world. Sometime it is the critical opinions that are the most helpful.

Three: I am a pretty technical person and have helped her from time to time with the logistics of some of her designs. Artistic ability aside, I can help with the construction of her designs.

2. Living with someone who works long and irregular hours can be tough... from missed dinners to not being able to do simple things like relaxing and watching your favorite shows together as often as you'd like... How do you stop the craziness from impacting your relationship? Can you please offer some survival tips for those in similar situations?

“In any healthy relationship there is always give and take...”

In any healthy relationship there is always give and take, but above all support and understanding of each other’s interests. My recommendation is to use your time wisely and maximize on your own productive energies. There is always plenty of time for fun and snuggles in between, or after everything else is done!

3. What was the strangest thing you've done to support Debbie in what she does?

“...I sometimes have to endure a rather disgusting soap chunk in my sandwich!”

Hmmm… The strangest thing is a tough one. I suppose that it is strange that I sometimes have to endure a rather disgusting soap chunk in my sandwich! You see, she makes a lot of the soap in our kitchen right where we prepare food. Silly man that I am I don’t often wipe the counter top down before constructing my delicious sandwich. Sometimes a little soap gets missed. I don’t know if you have ever eaten Soapylove soaps, but let me tell you that they look and smell a lot better than they taste! Please purchase them for their appeal and not their flavor!

4. What is the easiest and hardest thing about being Debbie's other half?

“The hardest thing to live with is her inability to load the dishwasher correctly...”

The easiest thing about being Debbie’s other half would have to be being exposed to her genuine sincerity towards the people around her. It is such a joy to be around. She is also someone who laughs a lot and has the great ability to make the people in the room feel better.

The hardest thing to live with is her inability to load the dishwasher correctly. She should know by now that I own the only truly superior way of dishwasher loading! ;) A true art form if there ever was one. Do you sense the sarcasm here? Other than that I plead the Fifth!

5. And finally, please choose one of your favorite products from Soapy Love or a favorite project that Debbie is/has been involved in.

I really loved her glow-in-the-dark alien head! I tend towards simplicity and clean design. That alien head was smooth, simple and had a very cool impact.

Thanks Jim!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

*sigh* I do love this feature! It is SO much fun! Jim sounds like a doll and I love that he plays the banjo and used to compete in greek dancing! So fun...
I am off to check out "soapylove"! Thanks for this guys!