Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Shop + Tell: Me

Hi guys, it's me!
How often do you indie-shop?
Currently 2x or so a month.
Scores... a custom 10' English Tavern Dining Table from Lorimer Workshop (David Ellison)
How does it make you feel?

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy

What made you buy it?
We moved into our first house two months ago and I've always dreamed of having a massive dining table where the whole family can hang out (for now it's just me and Hillsy) and memories can be made.

Plus, there was something romantic about a handcrafted table made out of salvaged wood from an old New England railway yard built in 1913. David was genuinely a treat to work with, he walks you through the entire process, sends you photos every step of the way and hand delivers the table all the way from Rhode Island! His work is amazing and you can tell how much he enjoys what he does.

Thanks again David, we love it!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Beautiful, beautiful beautiful....I adore farmhouse tables and this one is absolutely gorgeous( in person too :) What a wonderful purchase!

b a i l e y d o e s n ' t b a r k said...

it's beautiful!

Clementine said...

Oh my god, that table is amazing! It's like my dream table. Beautiful and rugged and huge. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

so great! i love to see people buy heirloom quality furniture that they will have forever and will probably look even better with age. good find!

Mj Reed said...

WoW!!! Can't wait to see u guys again next year!!!! It's a beautiful table!!!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

Marichelle I love this table!

To be honest, I was in such a whirlwind on Saturday i didn't connect you with this! I loved meeting you girls and I'm so happy to know I met one of my favorite bloggers! doh!

Julie said...

That's a spectacular table, Marichelle! Just perfect!

Marichelle said...

Thank you so much for all your nice comments on our table!!! If you're ever in the market for one, I highly highly recommend David - it was certainly worth the wait!