Friday, December 19, 2008

Making It! Week 11

Week #11

And here we are... our final post for the first episode of Making It!. It's been such a pleasure to follow you ladies on your creative journeys and I thank you so much for participating and giving us all something to look forward to on Friday mornings!!!

Keep those submissions coming. Would you like to be part of the next Making It! ? Send me an email hearthandmade[at]gmail[dot]com (subject: making it!) with a brief description of your business, links to your blog/shop and why you think you'd be a perfect contributor!

As reflective as I can be at five in the morning.
I just woke up for work (yes, I actually get up this early) and realized I had been avoiding writing this entry. I typically avoid anything daunting, such as stacks of papers to be graded or three-hundred envelopes to be lined. But why was this somewhat frightening to me? What could possibly go wrong?... more

Making It Ends Here
The first installment of the Making It series on the Heart Handmade Blog ends here. 11 Weeks of sharing. It has been fun. Did i "Make It"? I don't know. I'm still working. Will i ever feel like i made it? I guess not. There will always be a new project to work on, a new craft to learn... more

A fortune cookie that I opened the other week has sat in front of my computer. "You out distance all competitors."... more


Diana said...


You have a really great blog. Will be checking back very oftenly..