Friday, December 12, 2008

Making It! Week 10

Week #10

Wow, only 2 more weeks of this episode of Making It! Would you like to be part of the next Making It! ? Send me an email hearthandmade[at]gmail[dot]com (subject: making it!) with a brief description of your business, links to your blog/shop and why you think you'd be a perfect contributor!

I've decided along with a few friends to use the power of the secret to further our lives... more

Creative Emancipation
I feel lucky that i am married to a creative man. He is a musician, he sings, writes, plays many instruments, i love it. Love him. But i would never expect to find him behind my sewing machine or sitting on the couch with a pair of knitting needles. That's why this vintage ad is hilarious to me! Can you imagine the males in your life being creatively emancipated like this?...more

making plans for the new year
being a part of "making it"has been a great booster for my little corner on the web. i mentioned a couple of weeks ago that i'm planning to have a few additions to my site. so here is a little call to the artists/designers/craftster extraordinaire out there...more

Meet Susan, Tina, Kristina and Ismoyo.