Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holiday Gremlins

Hi Everyone! Just a quick post to apologize for the download problems that some of you might have experienced while trying to access the zine and the downloads. I'm so happy that I've exceeded my bandwidth limits (good news!!!) but at the same time some of the zine download files (art prints, house ornaments, etc) are currently on lock-down and unfortunately I don't have access to the files (I'm miles away from HH headquarters and about to devour 10 pounds worth of Thanksgiving food) so I'm unable to fix the issue. Normal service will resume on Monday.


JACQ said...

i love love love the zines and i've managed to download them all successfully. I've gotten them all on my computer, so if anybody REALLY needs them, please email me at jacqvic [at] gmail [dot] com and i'll send them to you!

have a great holiday marichelle!!! :)

Apol said...

I managed to download Michelle Maule's and Heather Smith Jones's prints. Wheeee! Thank you to these artists and to you, Marichelle. I hope the eating is good :)

kristina said...


hope you had a lovely thanksgiving, and i must say the zine is wicked cool! just awesome really!