Monday, November 17, 2008

Artist of the Month

>> Lillianna Pereira, Northampton, MA

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Go to Lilliana's flickr gallery for full collection.

Random Facts about Lilliana >>
1. I speak fluent Portuguese (with a funny American accent)
2. I used to dream of being the next great comic book penciler. My cousin stole my thunder and went on to draw X-men.
3. Graphic design and art are a genetic predisposition. 3 out of 4 siblings are graphic designers.
4. I’m a full fleged movie addict. Does Netflix know about the monster they created?
5. I love sci-fi.
6. I enjoy nature shows. Especially ones about wolves, siberian huskies, sled dogs, coyotes, foxs, wild dogs, etc. I can watch animal planet for hours.

My Work Space... >>

1. coffee 2. tools (exacto, glue stick, tape, pencil, eraser, ruler, folding bone) 3. found book (ready to be torn apart) 4. hoops (for the handmaids) 5. clippings strewn all over desk 6. drawers (my attempt at organizing the chaos of my desk)

What inspires me... >>

Inspiration is always just a click away. From artist websites to blogs there is always someone/something new and wonderful to discover.

Here are some favorites:
1.Eduardo Recife 2.Evan B. Harris 3.Alyson Fox 4.Amanda Blake 5.Jennifer Khosbin 6.Julianna Swaney 7.Laura Normandin 8.Sophia Barao 9.Marisa Filippone 10.Irana 11.Julie Morstad 12.Caryn Drexl 13.Elle Moss

14.Lisa Solomon 15.Lauren Piotrowski 16.Lisa Congdon 17.Brenda Rose 18.Olivia Jefferies 19.Kate Nydam 20.Vhils

In my work,there is always a story. Books are where everything starts. Scheherazade is my hero.


Thanks Lilliana!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

So wonderful! This is such a great interview....I love Lilliana's work, and of course the fact that she loves dogs & wolves! After visiting her flickr stream I see that she and her little family are as beautiful as her work!
Just lovely....

brenda rose said...

thanks for featuring one of my favorite artists! lilliana's work is beautiful and always inspiring, and she seems like a great gal to boot!